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Martial Arts

Teaching Self-defense and Building Life Lessons Through Martial Arts

A young boy is kicking around with his red boxing gloves.
Two young boys practicing martial arts in a gym.

Martial Arts & Fitness

Frankfort Martial Arts is more than a martial arts school; it's a driving force for our community to become a better version of themselves through discipline from martial arts training. Our goal is to change lives one black belt at a time by creating leaders who can positively impact our community. We are on a mission to instill life skills to enhance the life of each student and the people around them.

Certified Instructors

Our certified and trainee instructors continue to work on themselves to develop their technical and instructional skills weekly while providing a positive example for students daily. Each instructor is background checked and CPR-certified to ensure our student's safety training.

A young girl is standing in front of two other people.